What Is Reality? (or One Art Births Another)

Erik Johansson I recently came across the work of an amazing photographer. His surreal images are the modern-day equivalent of Escher artwork, but a step better. This young Swedish photographer’s work will stun you and have you questioning reality. Some of these I could stare at all day — they just ooze inspiration. Reality and Discovery I’ve mentioned that[…]

Collecting Ideas

Memory Failure Ideas are tricky things. If you’re anything like me, ideas pop in and out of your head all day long. But I have a short term memory. My brain doesn’t hold on to much at length unless I make a conscious effort, and even then I’m not always successful. I’m not sure if[…]

Ordinary to Extraordinary

The State Fair My husband and I recently took our three boys to the Oklahoma State Fair to experience the food, rides and animals (in that order). Despite an incredibly busy and exhausting day, I was able to snag an hour alone to enter one of my favorite realms – the art gallery. This underappreciated[…]

Guest Writers

For me, being inspired is all about looking outside of myself. Even when I dig deep inside to search for inspiration, which shovel I use is influenced by someone else. “No man is an island” and Creatives need others. This is why I’ve asked a few like-minded friends to share what inspires and motivates them[…]

Human Art

I first saw the link to this website’s article about camouflage art on Facebook. If you haven’t seen it, you have to check it out – it’s crazy amazing. In each of the real-life scenes there’s a person – or people – wearing a camouflage suit. They aren’t all so easy to spot. The level[…]