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For me, being inspired is all about looking outside of myself. Even when I dig deep inside to search for inspiration, which shovel I use is influenced by someone else. “No man is an island” and Creatives need others. This is why I’ve asked a few like-minded friends to share what inspires and motivates them to be creative. I’m always anxious to glean whatever I can from other artists’ stories.

I’m excited to introduce you to a few of my long-time friends and fellow creative minds. They are kindred spirits.

Tanya Barber has a well-rounded creative background including graphic design (bachelor’s degree) and theater (master’s). She’s taught and directed countless students in the realm of theater. She’s one of two authors of Puget Pants, a site about moving from the Midwest to Seattle and their experiences therein.

Amanda Jump is a Creative who’s dabbled in a bit of everything from drawing to writing to photography. She’s currently plugging away at a novel and also working towards a degree in either Visual Communications or Print Journalism. Her blog, Ecclesiastes’ Daughter, explores ideas from scripture and spiritual insight to encourage and provoke thought. Her other blog, The Jump, AD covers her art and her life as a newlywed.

Expect to see guest posts from these authors (and more to come) on Thursdays, when available. This week kicks it off with an article about finding your fix: Creative Crack. And don’t forget to hop over on Tuesdays for the next part of my journey to find creative inspiration.

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