Ruby: A Mystic Stones Jewel by Kayla Curry (#BBF Day 4)

I’m pleased to host Kayla Curry, author of the Mystic Stones Series and coordinator of the World for a Shilling Blogger Book Fair. Kayla tells us a little about Obsidian, the first book in her series, and also about Ruby, a related short story, coming soon! Read about her stories, then make sure to enter the giveaway below to win a copy of both.


Obsidian Final Front CoverObsidian

Hi there, I’m Kayla Curry, author of the Mystic Stones Series! Becca J. Campbell has been kind enough to host me on her blog for the BBF. Today I’m going to tell you a little about my first book and the upcoming short story that goes with it. You can enter to win them both at the bottom of this post!

Obsidian is book one of the Mystic Stones Series. In this book, vampires have taken control of the satellites orbiting earth by planting a virus and now nothing works. There is no internet, limited television, and since the year is 2020, even most transportation is out because any device that can connect to a satellite has been infected.

Ava Tanner discovers that her client, Tom Walker is to blame. It turns out that he is a vampire and not only that, but he wants her to be one too and his motives are unclear.

Now, in Obsidian, you don’t get to see the past that Ava and Tom actually have. There just wasn’t enough room, so I had to cut some things out. The good news is, my publisher has given me permission to write and self-publish a short story about Tom and Ava before all the Obsidian stuff happened–before the satellites were hit with the virus.


Ruby copyRuby: A Mystic Stones Jewel

The short story is called Ruby: A Mystic Stones Jewel, and it will be released in March. In this story you will see a bit more of Ava and Tom and how they interacted with each other.  You’ll also get to see things from Tom’s perspective for a bit and also get a glance at Alani and Hiu. This story will also solve the mystery of how Hiu got such an awesome boat.

You’ll be able to read this story before or after you read Obsidian, so don’t worry if you have or haven’t read Obsidian yet. It’s designed to be a bonus story.

Pick up Obsidian at Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.

Kayla CurryAbout Kayla Curry

Kayla Curry lives in North Platte, Nebraska with her husband and two sons. She is always getting ideas for stories from random thoughts and places.
Writing has been part of her life since the beginning of high school. She was on the school paper for three years until her graduation in 2006. Journalism was an important part of learning who she was as a writer, but ultimately, Kayla’s creativity won over and she decided to write fiction short stories in her free time.
Eventually, a dream came to her and Obsidian was born. A short story grew into a novel in about six months, and is now begging to become a five book series.
There are many important people in her life that have helped shape Kayla into the author she is now. One of them being her mother, who always supported her. Her husband and his family are also an amazing support system along with her friends who got a sneak peek at Obsidian and her siblings who brag about their older sister to their friends.
In her free time, Kayla likes to do arts and crafts and also dabbles in knife throwing. As of late, her two sons and her writing take up most of her time.

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