WIP (Work In Progress) Update

It's all downhill from here! (Photo credit: Freakazoid on Flickr)

Today I do not have a normal inspirational post for you, but I have a very good reason for that: it’s the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH! In other words, it’s the last day to finish my novel. And so today I grant you, my faithful readers (and secret stalkers – Yes, I see you there, scanning the page but not leaving a comment. Thought you’d go by unnoticed, did you?) a WIP Update.

Words, Words, Words

Current word count: 73,076. That’s right, I’ve made it passed the 70K mark. (Commence woot-ing.) This is a big step. And although I’d hoped to get 80K out of the novel, the first draft will probably be closer to 75K. And I think I’m fine with that. It means I’m very close!

A Thrill Ride

The great news is (bum bum buuuuum) I’M IN THE FINAL CHAPTER! (I apologize for all the caps in this post, but things are too exciting to hold out…so you’ll just have to go along with all my digital shrieking for the time being).

Earlier this month I was lamenting to some friends the struggles of the 50K – 70K range of a novel, that point when most of it is behind but there is still so much left to be written. Getting over that hump has been a challenge in of both my novels. But once I get to the final couple of chapters, it’s smooth sailing. Actually, it’s more like that first almost vertical drop of a roller coaster: thrilling, speed-demon intensity.

I set a goal to finish my novel by the end of the month (and challenged you to make a goal, too. Have you done that yet?). The end of the day tomorrow is my deadline. And I have the day reserved just for writing. Wish me luck!

You may place your bets on what time I will finish in the comments below. 🙂


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