Why Being a Mother Is Like Being a Writer

There are two things that I throw my entire being into: motherhood and writing. Each is a full-time job and they are constantly warring for my time. But I believe there is a perfect balance possible, and my life’s goal is seeking that. It’s a challenge I take on gladly, as I wouldn’t be happy letting either one slide.

I recently came to the realization that the two jobs are more alike than I’d ever before considered. So, to break away from the norm, today’s thoughts are on that idea. Here’s why being a mother is like being a writer:

  • You can plan all you want beforehand, but you will never be fully prepared for the job. When you are smack-dab in the middle of it, that’s when the learning really occurs.
  • The jobs both involve headache, heartache, frustration, joy and triumph.
  • Like a child, a story can have a mind of its own. Both tend to push one’s set parameters. Sometimes discipline is necessary.
  • Sometimes you look at your child and wonder what monster you’ve created; but when all is said and done, you’d never trade your baby for anyone else’s.
  • No matter how proud you are of what you’ve created, there is always that nagging fear that once you’ve let your baby grow up and leave home, someone out there won’t give it the love it deserves.
  • You have to eventually realize that no one will ever love your child/story as much as you do.
  • Sometimes the job is monotonous, but if you are a mother or a writer, you know the real secret that others can’t always see: there are moments when it’s the most exciting thing on the planet.

3 thoughts on “Why Being a Mother Is Like Being a Writer

  • Becca, I am so very thankful for you. For one thing, you prove to me that it’s possible to be a mother and a writer at the same time. So there’s one personal future fear out of the way! 😉

    For another, you show me that when I talk about my novels as my babies, I’m right on target. So many of my non-writer mom friends scoff at my idea, telling me I can’t possibly relate to what it’s like to be a mother. After all, I don’t have kids; I have no right to compare my frivolous stories to their precious little tykes.

    Well, non-writer mom friends, Becca disagrees with you. And since she is a writer and a mom, I think her opinion carries a bit more weight than yours!


    • Court,
      You make me smile. 🙂 All I can say is, keep writing, even when people can’t and don’t understand you. You have too much talent to waste. And having said that, I can’t wait for you to become a mom and get to experience that, too. 😉

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