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6 thoughts on “What Is It Like to Read a First Draft?

  • Thanks for this post Becca! I’m just about to finish the first draft for a manuscript that I’m (for now) calling Silent Destruction. Sometimes you can get wrapped up too much in thinking about that first read-through that it hinders you as you write. But I’m trying to look past that and concentrate on just getting that first draft done!

    I’ve only ever finished one other draft before, and that first read-through was pretty horrible. There were major plot problems, etc. that I had no idea how to fix. I was a pretty young writer, so I put it aside and kept writing on miscellaneous projects and never made it back to that first draft. Now, that re-write is going to be my NaNoWriMo project this year and I’m pretty excited because the idea – will all the fixes to the plot – has been sitting in the back of my head now for a while and I’m looking forward to revisiting the story.

  • I finished my first draft of my first full manuscript a few months ago, and now I’m plowing through the revisions. This is very true to my experience — of it is just absolutely awful, but other parts are actually pretty darn awesome. Most importantly, it freed up my brain to take in a whole new level of ideas and layers to weave in, which has been a lot of fun.

    • Emily, that’s great. What you’re describing reminds me of something Stephen King says in “On Writing.” He basically says that the first draft is for getting things down and isn’t the time to worry about themes but the second draft is the ideal time for weaving in deeper underlying ideas that you see pop out during the first read-through.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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