Things I Like: A Challenge

There’s something in me that loves a good challenge. I enjoy putting myself to the test, pushing my own limits. Not that I’ll fall for any meaningless dare you throw my way, but if you place a reasonable challenge in front of me that I believe is attainable, I’m likely to throw myself into it, full-force. (Can you say “National Novel Writing Month?”)

For the Love of the Challenge

Actually, that’s what led me to become a writer in the first place. One day I had the thought: “I wonder if I could write a full-length novel, start to finish.” Once the seed had been planted, I couldn’t get my mind off it. (I’ve begun many an intensive endeavor with the innocent thought, “I wonder if I could…”) I don’t get dissuaded too easily.

When that first novel was finished, I was hooked. And since then, the experience of writing has offered me many opportunities to push myself, which is ultimately about growing as a writer…and as a Creative.

Single Sentence Synopsis

I was cruising the Twitterverse the other day when a literary agent I follow issued a challenge. While my novel isn’t anywhere near the genre she represents, I couldn’t pass up the dare: You have one hour to tweet a query of your story (real or fake), including genre, and the best query-tweet wins a free book. In other words, you had to summarize your entire novel in 140 characters, which is basically one (short) sentence.

You can see Jennifer Laughran’s results and conclusions here (or follow her on Twitter at @Literaticat). There were some pretty entertaining tag lines. All in all, I loved the way it stretched me and forced me to think about my story in such a concise way. It’s a great exercise for a writer.

Maybe you should do it, too. No, you definitely should do it. Post your novel’s synopsis in the comments: 140 characters or less.


I dare you.

2 thoughts on “Things I Like: A Challenge

  • Holly: student at Christian uni. ?s faith when friends reject & stalker scares her. Friend Peter says stalker = demon. Where can she run?

    139 characters, if I counted right! Woot! Thanks, Beccca — this was a hard but fun challenge! (And I know I kinda cheated with “?s” instead of “questions.”) 😉

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