Flawed Flash Fiction – Levitation Schmevitation

A few weeks back I wrote a fun piece of flash fiction for a Flash Mob Writes challenge. I always love writing challenges, and with this one I created a new character from the world of my Flawed series. This short piece is titled Levitation Schmevitation.



LevitationToday was proving to be the most difficult day of Chayton’s life, and it was all because of his dammed levitational handicap.

Chayton stared at the reflection in his bedroom mirror, frowning at the dark bug-eyes and pulling at the empty sides of the crisp, white shirt that hung loose on his too-thin frame. With a sigh he tugged his fingers through his wild black hair, trying to comb it flat and eventually giving up, flicking it upward again so that it spiked in all directions like it wanted. He wondered what Alice saw when she looked at him, and why she’d ever given him a second glance. Did she see this same wiry wisp of a boy trying a little too hard to look like a man?

He wiggled a socked toe and realized he couldn’t feel carpet beneath. Damn! He was levitating again. Chayton focused hard, using his mind to pull his body back to the floor. His feet connected, and he took a deep breath.

It had all started two years ago. Chayton cringed. Puberty was the worst.

Two years ago he’d met Alice, too. If it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t even be doing this. Instead of donning the starched suit, he’d be curled up in his beanbag playing X-Box all night.

He grasped the contraband can of beer in a shaking hand and upended it, wincing as the last of the bitter liquid went down and thinking of his date. He didn’t think he was drunk enough to deal with it—probably wouldn’t ever be—but he was already drunk enough to impair his control. If he didn’t have such a hard time talking to girls, he’d have gone sober instead.

Perching on the edge of his bed, Chayton reached for one of the shiny black shoes his dad had loaned him. The shoe—and the floor beneath—fell away before his fingers could curl around the heel. Chayton gritted his teeth and mentally pulled his butt back into contact with the bed, swiping for both shoes before he started floating again. And people thought flying was cool. It was really just annoying.

With shoes on and jacket snatched, he bounded from his room and down the front stairway. The alcohol blurred his focus, and his body pulled upward as he ran. Desperate hands grasped for the banister, and Chayton held tight as his legs flew out from under him, yanking up over his head and toward the ceiling. It was as if gravity had reversed. With white-knuckled fingers clinging from the banister, Chayton took a deep breath. He slowly pulled himself back to his feet.

The bike ride was just as bad, his butt floating up off the seat. He gripped the handlebars tightly, glad the bike was heavy enough to keep him weighted down.

When Chayton arrived, his shoulders were tight with tension. Now all he had to do was teach his floating feet how to dance.

Damn Sadie Hawkins.


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