#JuNoWriMo Update and Pep Talk by Nina Post #amwriting

junowrimo-book-buttonJuNoWriMo is this little thing Anna Howard and I created last year, a spin-off of NaNoWriMo for those of us who wanted to write a novel in June. We had around ninety participants, which absolutely thrilled us.

This year? JuNoWriMo isn’t so little anymore. We’ve quadrupled our participation and our current count is nearing 400! We are super excited about these numbers, and we’re already thinking big for next June.

Now that we’re bursting our britches, we’re considering how to expand for next year. Up until now, we’ve been doing this out of our own pockets and spare time, but there are added expenses to running a site that supports so many users. Please consider donating to this worthy cause, and help us make JuNoWriMo even better for next year. All of our donors get a special mention on our Facebook page, and we have thank you gifts for each level.


In the meantime, I wanted to share our pep talk for Week 1 by Nina Post. It’s an excellent post on reaching your goals–great for JuNoWriMo or any other writing project you may be working on. Enjoy!

Click here for the pep talk.




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