Guest Writer: Karen Cole on Ghost Writing

Today’s post is by Karen Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc. Here’s a little bit about Karen:

Karen Cole is an affordable ghostwriter, copyeditor, proofreader, rewriter and author with a team of 100+ writing field and book / screenplay workers, some of which are New York Times best selling authors. We do inexpensive marketing, promotions, sales, and publishing or optioning assistance, and we have contacts with literary agents, commercial publishers and literary or film field professionals. We also offer ghost writers for music and composition, such as rap music and other genres, and we have ghost writing for Facebook and Twitter as well.

And here’s Karen on what ghost writing is and what it takes to be a ghost writer.


To be a freelance ghost writer is definitely a way of life. Too many people seem to think it’s about hiring “nameless writers,” making money, or otherwise pushing around their talented ghost writers. Seriously, it is about taking the work up for overburdened people so they can afford to be our clients.

On the other hand, there’s something to keeping your byline. I don’t take other people’s credit to their name, when they are considered to be the author and I am only rewriting or otherwise recreating their stuff; they get their bylines instead, and I might be credited somehow. Ghost writing generally means pay above credit, but sometimes I’m listed as a book’s “editor” or as having contributed somehow.

When I write my own books, I use other names than mine – due to various technical issues – but I’m currently working on the first book I’ve put out recently with my own name on it. Writing is something you can’t just rattle off. And if you go into it solely for the money, chances are you will only work for limited, occasional celebrities.

You might make some money, but there’s quite a market in first-time authors and people with crazy dreams. I enjoy helping out such people for much more reasonable prices. I do ghost writing and editing, but nowadays I mostly send straight writing out to my team members at Ghost Writer, Inc. – I’m kind of semi-retired, and I love doing all forms of editing for clients.

But when you take up your pen, in whatever form it may take, it needs to hit paper and go somewhere. I made it there; you will make it too. There’s always hope to have your writing read and published somewhere. And if you need to hire a freelance writer to help you express your ideas and complete a book manuscript, that world is readily available to you.


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