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6 thoughts on “Entertained or Fulfilled?

  • So this is absolutely not an argument with your thesis. I agree a lot and its one reason I’m thankful I became interested in tabletop roleplaying games. They require other humans and imagination, both very important.

    That said, how does this issue fit in with a writer’s need to recharge the fiction batteries? For instance, if I’m careful to only watch or read things that are of great quality or particular interest, am I always wasting my time?

    • Josh,

      I definitely agree that writers need free time, and many good ideas can come from watching movies and television. What I was really getting at here was the HABIT of regularly putting things off because of the desire for entertainment, falling into a routine of taking the easy route.

      The bottom line is, are you entertained or fulfilled by your activities? If watching a movie recharges your battery so you can write, then it is fulfilling your needs on that level.

  • I share the struggle of your six year old and often waste much time deliberating. I spent the better part of my twenties trying to talk my ex into throwing the TV out completely – without success.

    That being said, my only caution to other Christians would be in the extreme of this need for fulfillment in productivity, creativity, or work. In my own life, that desire sometimes lords over my attitudes, emotions, and even other areas of my life where I am called to do my work as unto the Lord (the work of a wife and mother). Often, I am so obsessed with toiling over the soil of my plot that my part as Mary at Jesus’ feet is also overshadowed, neglected.

    I agree enthusiastically with your challenge to make more quality decisions – decisions that seem to run completely counter-culture. I only wanted to highlight my own pitfalls in this realm of thought….

    Nevertheless, and no doubt, I for one could stand to benefit from less Facebook time! 😉 Enjoyed this post, Becca. Thanks for sharing.

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