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Exciting News

That’s right. Check it out. I can now say I’m a published author. I also have my very own author page on (you can “like” it if you so choose). If you haven’t heard yet, here’s the full scoop: I, along with a group of other local writers (Aaron Pogue, Bailey Thomas, Courtney Cantrell, Jessie Sanders, Joshua Unruh and Thomas Beard), have a collection of short stories published in an e-zine (online magazine). A Consortium of Worlds is available for download on for only $2.99. For that great price, you can enjoy a handful of stories that range from sci fi to fantasy to steam punk. My story, “Prisoners” is actually the first chapter in a novel titled Foreign Identity that I’ve been working on for some time. I’m expecting this book to be published next year, so stay tuned!

A Love of Shorts

The second issue of A Consortium of Worlds comes out in January, 2012, and I anticipate it being even better than the first. Because of the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) whirlwind that is November, the deadline for our story submissions is this month. And that’s why I just finished writing my first short story – ever!

It’s true – I kinda cheated on ACoW1. A first chapter isn’t exactly a short story, although it stands alone nicely (nicely meaning it has a huge cliffhanger). But for the second issue, I did things the traditional way. Aaron Pogue sent the members of the Consortium a nice outline for writing a short story, including estimated word counts. Following that, it wasn’t hard to come up with a series of scenes that flow nicely.


I’ve mentioned my idea for a video game before. Although I haven’t really had much time to work on that project lately, I decided to use the world of Sub-Normal as the location of my short story. I created two new characters for this project, ones that aren’t a part of the game. Here’s what it’s about.

Eden lives in a world where mankind has been genetically engineered, a world where everyone has a superpower and there are no natural humans left. At least that’s what she thinks until she meets Dake, an unadulterated, genetically-pure human. His crashing into her life forces her to face the flaws of her own enhancement. When the authorities seek to exterminate Dake, considering him a sub-normal being who doesn’t deserve to live, Eden must decide whose side she’s on – and put her powers to the test.

This story is different from anything I’ve written before, but it was loads of fun to write. Look for “Not the Norm” in the next issue of A Consortium of Worlds.

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