Authors: Donate Your Book to Help Fight Illiteracy

Scrabble WarsOn January 26, 2013, the Literacy Council of Benton County in Arkansas is going to hold Scrabble Wars! Authors, this is the perfect chance for you to get your name out there and donate to an amazing cause at the same time.

About Scrabble Wars

The Literacy Council will hold a silent auction alongside the Scrabble Wars tournament. Their goal is to raise $25,000 to dramatically increase adult literacy in Benton County, Arkansas. Scrabble Wars will help them improve the lives of the over 45,000 in our county who cannot read, write, or speak English. All of their tutoring is done by volunteers, as they are a true grass roots non-profit that teaches students learning skills that you and I take for granted…for free.

How to Help

So what can you do to help out? It’s so easy you’ll laugh.

Just autograph a print edition of one of your novels (hard as it is, pick your favorite) and donate it. You can mail your print edition to:

Literacy Council of Benton County

205 NW A St.

Bentonville, AR 72712

And hey, you can write it off as a tax deduction, too. Seriously…everyone wins here.

All authors who donate a print edition of their book will help this awesome charity raise money to be spent on instructional materials specific for their adult students and tutors, pay the rent, and keep their doors open. You can help them reach even more people in need.

So are you in? Thought so! I knew you were awesome.

My publisher Consortium Books is donating a copy of each book in their library to help out this excellent cause. My novelย Foreign Identity will be among them and I hope you’ll send yours in, too. If you aren’t published, share this with any authors you know. Together we can help spread the word.

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