6 Reasons I Shouldn’t #JuNoWriMo (And 1 Reason You Should)

Just-write-button-2013Six Reasons I Shouldn’t Do JuNoWriMo:

  1. I  am a stay-at-home mother of three young boys who are constantly harming each other in some way, vying for my attention, and slacking off their chores unless I stand over them at every moment. There is little free time in my day and what quiet moments I have, I often want to collapse on the bed with a pillow crammed over my face and the door locked.
  2. In June I have to plan/host BOTH a baby shower for my sister and a birthday party for my son who’s turning three. And then there’s Father’s Day.
  3. I am currently on the fence about what novel I want to write. While there are somewhere around four rattling around in my brain, two are prominent, and I keep flopping from one to the other, unable to commit to which one I’m actually doing.
  4. I haven’t had the time to get a chapter-by-chapter synopsis written of either of these books, and I don’t work well without a rough outline of where I’m headed.
  5. I have four—that’s right, four—full-length novels in various stages of revision, all of which I aim to publish as soon as I can. Writing one more will only push those off further.
  6. My city was recently hit by one of the largest tornadoes ever. I was close, and though my house was out of range (barely), I’m dealing with some lingering emotional distress as I figure out how this all affects me.

Despite everything, I’m still going to attempt JuNoWriMo. I may fail to hit that 50,000 word mark. My story may be a huge mess of inconsistencies and plot holes. But I’ll have more words than I had before.

One Reason You Should Do JuNoWriMo:

  1. If I can do it, you can do it.

June is in two days! Sign up now.


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