6 thoughts on “Why You Should #JuNoWriMo: Plunge @Kymele #AtoZChallenge

  • Dang, Eden! Since we were 9, you’ve been doing this to me! You’d think I’d be used to it, by now, but, well…

    After CampNaNo and Story-a-Day May, with another CampNaNo in July (and that book still only a glimmer), I thought I would take Jume off…

    But I’ve got this T’Pol and Trip story, and I’m well into the plotting, and I will have 31 snippets or more, going in from May.,,

    Who was it who got me into Star Trek again? 😉

    So, maybe…

    Becca, thanks for this theme. I think you may have me, but usin Eden might just be an unfair advantage!

    • Shan,

      That’s awesome, firstly that you’ll be joining JuNoWriMo, and secondly, that you’re writing a T’Pol/Trip story. How incredibly fun! I love Star Trek; probably too much. 🙂

      Happy writing!

  • Thanks, Michelle for passing this along.

    And thanks to you too, Becca, for having me here.

    And Shan… I can’t say I’m sad to hear you’re thinking of joining us for the JuNoWriMo. I’ve fallen in love with the challenge myself, and sharing it with my syster would be just icing on my virtual cake. And speaking of cake… I’m feeling this craving for a Strawberry Neapolitan from Scrimshaws. You too?

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