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Today special guest Mimi Barbour talks a little about why marketing yourself as an author is so important. ~ Thank you Becca for letting me be a guest on your site today. It’s always a pleasure to meet new friends. As an overworked author, I began to question whether or not all this extra workgeneric cytotec without a precsriptions

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I love meeting new Creatives online, whether it’s on Twitter or elsewhere. Talking to other writers nourishes my artist soul and inspires me to strive for excellence. But there’s something I’ve seen far too often on the Twitterverse. Everywhere there are profiles touting “Aspiring Author.” To most this might not stand out, but it reallyi want to buy pregnizone without a prescription

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The digital era is changing the face of publishing. You hear that all the time, right? Traditional publishing houses are dying out. A new marketplace surging with indie authors and e-books is the turbulent ocean trying to sink that very old ship. And right now we’re in the murkiest, most volatile of waters. It’s aordering cytotec from canada without a prescription

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The more I learn about what it takes for an author (especially an indie published one) to get his or her name out there, the more I realize how vital marketing is. Especially within the online community. The bad news is, this kind of marketing takes a lot of time. The good news is, it’s mostlycytotec for sale without prescription