People Watching: The Character Menagerie for Writerly Inspiration #amwriting

The places where writers (including myself) find story ideas fascinates me. Sometimes it’s by way of deep, meta concepts, sometimes it’s through trivial day-to-day activities, and sometimes it’s from the depth of interesting personas one finds when people watching.

Creative Challenge: People Watching, Part 2

On Thursday, I introduced a new series on the blog where I challenged you (and myself) to push the creative envelope. In case you missed it, click here to get up to speed. I hope you remembered to go people watching and that you enjoyed the challenge as much as I did. My location was[…]

Creative Challenge: People Watching

One of the ways I get myself out of a rut and crush creative block is by challenging myself. I enjoy pushing my own limits and forcing myself to get outside of my own little box. An aspect of my Inspiration for Creation blog is the opportunity to share my experiences with you – little bits[…]