WIP Update, Part 2

I have good news to report! On Tuesday night (with about fifteen minutes to spare) I finished the first draft of Outcast (Flawed, book 2), thus meeting my goal. And there was much rejoicing! Next comes a very important phase for the novel: it must sit. For the next 4 – 6 weeks (possibly longer),[…]

Protect Your Inspiration

A Valuable Commodity If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you may have gleaned that I see inspiration as a highly desirable tool of motivation. It shouldn’t be a crutch, as hard work is really the best way to hone your craft, but let’s face it, when you have inspiration it makes things much[…]

One Creation Sparks Another

Fight the Funk The art of creation is my passion. This is true to the extent that it can keep me up until three in the morning, make me deaf against the needs of my family and work me until my fingers are numb and my head is throbbing (I’m an all-in kind of girl[…]