Why You Should Be a Peninsula

No man is an island. We’ve all heard that phrase before. But sometimes we isolate ourselves. Writers are often hermits, locking themselves away into a cave someplace where they can pound out those words, uninterrupted. I’d guess that most of us are guilty of shutting others out of our lives at one time or another.[…]

Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Characters

Ever struggled with writer’s block (or creative block, as I like to call it)? If you’re a writer, you’ve probably been there at least once in your life. That daunting monster can pummel you, crushing ideas at the source (or so you may think) with any number of its nasty techniques. The last time I experienced that[…]

The Power of the Spoken Word (or The One Where I Reveal What Really Happens in the Shower)

I love new ideas. When one hits me, I might spend days (or weeks) chewing on that nugget (much like the girl on Willy Wonka who set the world record for chewing a single piece of gum the longest). It takes a while to get all the flavors out…to taste what that single idea might[…]