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In the meantime, see what readers are saying about the other books in the series.


Outsider_CVR_XSMLOutsider (Flawed #2)

“A page-turning thrilling read.” – Sheri Wilkinson

“I highly recommend reading this series if you are inclined to read fantasy books about new or young adults.” – Darlene Milner

“I’m thoroughly enjoying Becca J. Campbell’s Flawed Series. The plots are full of suspense and the way in which the characters are written so realistically is wonderful!” – Elizabeth Conrad



Protector (Flawed #3)

“Another great thriller from Campbell that will have you biting your nails and glued to the book.” – Michelle Monroe

“The characters were great: Ethan and Nicodemus were intricate villains, new and interesting super powers were revealed, and I love the dynamic of Logan and Jade’s relationship.” – Christina Krieger

“I’ve blown through the entire series in record time because they are seriously so good.” – Rebecca Lovell


Enchanter_CVR_MEDEnchanter (Flawed #4)

Coming Fall 2016


FatherHunt_CVR_MEDThe Father Hunt (A Flawed Story)

(Recommended reading order: after Flawed #3 and before Flawed #4.)

“Wonderfully written, easy flowing, and a quick evening read.” – Stacey Wade
“A great story filled with drama and secrets. I was hooked from the first page!” – Sheri Wilkinson
“Wonderful short story! Great characters and well paced.” – Missy Noecker


Pulled (A Flawed Short Story)

Since Pulled is not a part of the Flawed series, it can be read independently. However, the recommended reading order is after Flawed #4.

“I loved it! You meet Juniper and understand more of her world in a few short pages than most folks would of many characters found in full length novels.” – Mark Asher

“Pulled is an interesting and gripping story. I love the straight forward writing style: the dialogue feels natural and believable, and the pace is not derailed by unimportant details. I want to know more about Juniper and her friends, and I want to hear about all the characters’ abilities and secrets!” – Camilla Kyndesen

“From beginning to end, this short story was packed with action and excitement and mystery.” – Bobbi Kinion


Convergence_CVR_MEDConvergence (The Uniques #1)

Convergence kicks off a companion series within the Flawed universe.

Cam wonders why he keeps meeting people with unique abilities. When he runs into a strange girl who appears from out of nowhere, he suspects she might lead him to the answers he’s been seeking.

Coming in 2017