Guest Post: Angie Richmond

Today I have a special guest. If memory serves me correctly, we met during NaNoWriMo word wars. Since then, we’ve been online buddies and I always look forward to Angie’s cheerful, humorous, and inspiring tweets. I asked her to share the news about her latest creative adventure in hopes that you might be inspired as well. There’s nothing quite like watching someone find their purpose in life. Here’s Angie!


Angie Richmond

It began with a bus ride;

a long trip home from my unfulfilling day job. I sat there searching for answers among the dusty streets and budding shrubbery that whipped by at 60 km/hour.

What was I doing with my life? What was my purpose?

A pretty deep thought for an ordinary bus ride home. Okay, that wasn’t the first time those questions crossed my mind or lips. In fact, for the better part of eighteen years I’ve been on a pilgrimage to find the answer to the age-old question

 What do you want to be when you grow up?

While the thoughts weren’t new, there was one difference – the newsletter in my hands.

Let’s backtrack for a moment, shall we? Last year I completed my certification in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) through Psychometrics. This certification allows me to administer the personality indicator to help people better understand their preferences and how they relate to the world around them. It’s a snazzy addition to my undergraduate degree in Psychology and yet another piece of the puzzle I call ‘my passion pursuit.’ As a card-carrying member – so to speak – I often receive newsletters both electronically and by good ol’ fashion snail mail (I still have no idea why I receive them in both formats).

Usually I scan the emails much too quickly and recycle the paper copies without even opening them up, but that day – for whatever reason – as I grabbed my coat to run and catch my bus, I shoved the newsletter into my bag.

Okay, fast forward to the bus ride and deep contemplation. I pulled out the newsletter and there in bold letters was an article on coaching.

Cue fireworks.

Coaching!? Why hadn’t I thought of this before? My long standing desire to help people, coupled with my education and an overwhelming collection of conversations, emails, tweets and blog comments suggesting that I was inspiring, motivating and helpful – was this not the blinking red light I needed?

Coaching *blink blink* Coaching

From there things snowballed. I began trolling the Internet for websites, coaches and schools. I spoke with family and friends for their thoughts on my newly found career path. My purpose – the career that would bring fulfillment to my life – was to help others find their path – and more specifically – help other Creatives follow their path. Creativity is such an integral part of who I am, it only makes sense that I employ my passion to help others.

Since that day I’ve been working hard to accomplish my goals. I’ve registered for a course that will fine-tune my skills and give me the confidence I need to start my own creative coaching business. I started a creative change challenge called 22 Things to inspire others to take those first small steps towards fulfilling their life’s passion. I’ve even begun coaching a few friends pro-bono for experience and completely honest feedback.

Since that bus ride and newsletter, I’ve started believing that I can be happy and successful following my heart and embracing my creative talents.

I am a Writer and an Artist and a Blogger and a Creative Coach.

I am a Creative and loving every minute of it!


A self proclaimed creative, Angie Richmond divides her spare time between writing, blogging, reading and creating art. Her formal training in Psychology combined with her desire to help others find their creative passions, has led her to explore a career in Coaching. Make sure to check out her blog Write Me Happy and follow her on Twitter.

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