Creative Challenge: Faeries

I’ve mentioned before that I’m inspired by a challenge. Right? Yeah, pretty sure it’s come up once or twice. So when I saw a writing contest posted by one of my Triberr buddies, Anna Meade, I couldn’t resist. If you’re a challenge-loving  kindred spirit, you might want to jump on board. There are still a few days left. (Click here to check it out.)

The Challenge

Here is the contest description in Anna’s words:

To win, write a piece of flash fiction (300 words or less) on your (fictional or not) first-person encounter with a faery, goblin, or fantastical being of your choice.

The prizes are:

1st Place: A copy of The Fairy Ring [by Mary Losure] and a 10 page edit by Anna Meade.

2nd Place: A copy of The Fairy Ring and a 5 page edit by Anna Meade.

3rd Place: A copy of The Fairy Ring

I’m not one that writes much (or any) high fantasy–urban fantasy is about as surreal as my stories get. I’ve never written anything involving a faerie (or fairy). But I couldn’t resist the dare. Getting it under 300 words was really tough, too. I’ve never written a story that short. I spent a day or two letting ideas simmer before I wrote. I love what I ended up with–in fact, this is the prequel of sorts to another short story I’ll be writing for A Consortium of Worlds. So, if you like it, stay tuned. There’s more to come.

Winning or losing isn’t really my concern as much as just the opportunity to rise to the challenge. I’ve done something new. I’ve written a 300-word story including a fairie. With my own twist on it, of course. It’s probably obvious (since my name isn’t Joe), but the first-person POV in the story is not my own. With that in mind, I wish you happy reading!

The Muse

I was doomed. My dream was slipping through my fingers. Those fingers flew across the ivories, coaxing the great wooden beast. They pounded out notes, struggling to go where I willed. Focus, Joe,  focus.

Clunk! My fingers stumbled, tones clashed. I frowned. I tried again. Another horrific crash.

Sighing, I dropped my hands into my lap. That’s when I heard it. Like a hummingbird, the soft flutter just behind my right shoulder. I whirled. Nothing there. An eerie feeling crept over me.

I couldn’t shake that sensation of being watched. Not even in the shower with hot water pounding over my shoulders. Cranking off the faucet, I pushed aside the curtain. That’s when I saw the intruder.

She stood on the toilet tank, eyeing me with a coy smile and flushed cheeks. Though less than twelve inches tall, she was clearly a grown woman. The slinky dress accentuated her curves.

I hollered, grabbing a towel. My face flamed. But when I turned back, she was gone.

Back at the keys, I couldn’t get it right. It was late. I was exhausted. Eight hours until the audition and I needed sleep. But if I blew this one, my dream was shot. Forever.

When my fingers faltered again, I  reverted to my favorite piece.

I glanced up. She stood on the piano, watching with an enamored expression. I blinked, but didn’t stop playing. Moments passed.  She dropped to her knees, then onto her stomach. Chin in hands, she gazed at me.

Something flickered. I jumped. Translucent wings flashed on her back and vanished again.

My eyes darted to my hands. I gaped.

My fingers flew, moving like the wind. I switched to the audition piece, played it flawlessly.

Wide-eyed, I stared at the faerie.

Her lip curved in a smile.


What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, if you take Anna up on the challenge, post it in the comments. Let everyone know you’re participating.

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