Things I Like: Super Powers

It’s not much of a secret: I’m a sucker for stories about people with super-human abilities. Superman. X-Men. Heroes. Smallville. Even Twilight wooed me with vampires* that have special gifts. I had a realization when I began my current novel. This is the first story I’ve written that hasn’t involved super powers of one type[…]

Things I Like: A Challenge

There’s something in me that loves a good challenge. I enjoy putting myself to the test, pushing my own limits. Not that I’ll fall for any meaningless dare you throw my way, but if you place a reasonable challenge in front of me that I believe is attainable, I’m likely to throw myself into it,[…]

Things I Like: Survivor Stories

Confession: I tried out for Survivor…Three times. I know what you’re thinking, “That real life soap opera show where they leave a handful of schmucks to fight for a million bucks and give them nothing to eat except stale rice, bugs and cows’ brains?” No, I mean the ingenious social experiment that gives daring contesters[…]