Tunes for Writing

Last month I did a post on music and how specific songs influence writers. Sometimes music is a direct influence for me, like the story I just finished. I mentioned in that post how a Snow Patrol song was the inspiration behind one scene in my novel. But often the influence that I get from[…]

What’s Your Tune?

Music. It may be a little old hat to say music is a great source of inspiration. You know that already. Or do you? Maybe you’re a writer who absolutely can’t write without noise in the background. Or maybe you’re one who can’t write a single word unless you’re submerged in utter silence. Personally, I[…]

The War of Art, Part 1: Resistance

There comes a time in your life when you reach a crossroads.  You have a task/painting/manuscript/project in front of you.  You know that it is within your power to push forward and accomplish it… and yet… I’ve found myself in this place so many times I get frustrated every time I think about it.  While[…]

Tell a Story

Stomp My husband and I were watching the amazing group Stomp on Netflix live streaming the other night (if you don’t have a Netflix account then you need to get one because it’s awesome). We’re both big fans and even had the opportunity to sit on the third row of one of their shows in[…]