Character Interview with Cam via Sydney Aaliyah

SYDNEY: Hi Cameron and thanks for joining us. Can I call you Cam?
CAMERON: Oh, heck yes. No one calls me Cameron but my dad. It’s just weird to hear you say it.

SYDNEY: First, tell me a little about yourself: Age, major, likes and dislikes, stuff like that.
CAMERON: I’m twenty-four, and undecided on major. Yes, I’m still in college–thanks for bringing that up. Nope, not a sore spot at all, especially with my parents. *rolls eyes* Before you ask–because I can tell you’re going to–no, I don’t still live at home. I’m not a loser, I just took several years off before I decided to start college. *clears throat* What was the rest of the question? Oh, right, likes and dislikes.

I dislike not being able to drive. It sucks that I have to rely on other people to take me around. I’ve thought about breaking the no-drive rule–several times. I did it once–snuck out with Josh’s car when he was zonked out at my place–just to the convenience store. It wasn’t a big deal, I had to have a Dr. Pepper. But my family would kill me if they found out. And I guess I dislike taking their anger more than I hate not driving.

Likes… Well, I like hot girls. I mean, what guy doesn’t? By the way–Sydney, was it?–You aren’t single, are you?

*awkward pause*

Actually–don’t answer that. Sorry, old habits die hard. I think I’ve finally found the girl of my dreams. But if it doesn’t work out… I mean, you could always give me your number–just in case.

SYDNEY: You are quite the adventure seeker, what do you enjoy doing when you’re not climbing rocks or exploring caves?
CAMERON: Probably working out or chilling at the beach. We go to California several times a year. I used to live there, and I still have beach withdrawals every now and then. If I couldn’t go snowboarding, I don’t think I’d make it living in Colorado.

SYDNEY: What was your first impression of Jade?
CAMERON: Hot, in a she-doesn’t-know-it kind of way. Hey, I’m being honest. I like that in a woman. But anyway, it’s more than that now. She’s got this weird, mysterious quality. I don’t really know what it is. I’m not great at describing stuff like that, but she’s cool and it makes me want to be around her.

SYDNEY: Although I understand you needed to explain your near catatonic state, you didn’t hesitate in telling her about your special skill. Why did you trust her with your secret?
CAMERON: I guess I don’t consider my déjà vu thing a secret. I’ve mentioned it to several people. I think making something secret makes it this huge thing, whereas I’d rather play it chill and not make a big deal of it. Yeah, I have weird episodes, but they are over pretty quick and don’t impact my life a ton. It’s like this big taboo thing with my parents ever since they found out, and since I can’t talk to them about it, I might as well talk to someone.

SYDNEY: Why are you wasting time in college, you could probably find a way to use your talents to make some money?
CAMERON: Is it a “talent” if you can’t control it? If I could control my déjà vu, I could probably make some serious cash gambling, or maybe solving crimes like that dude on Psych. Too bad I got the raw end of the deal. Seriously, you can’t imagine how many times I’ve wished it was different.

SYDNEY: I really like your brother Josh and your sister Chloe. You all seem so close. Tell me about them.
CAMERON: Sure, I guess you could say we’re close. Probably because we’re close in age and have similar interests. Josh is cool, except when he gets all emo and quiet and won’t tell me what’s bugging him. Usually when that happens he’ll just disappear with his guitar for a few hours or maybe a day, but then he comes out acting normal again. I don’t usually ask him about it, ‘cuz if I try, he won’t tell me what his deal is. *shrugs* Josh is just Josh and you have to go with it.

Chloe’s cool for the most part. I mean, you got the girl drama, like what’s going on with the dude she likes–not a specific guy, just the guy of the week or whatever. And there’s the emotional roller coaster once a month, but other than that, she’s all right. I used to give her a hard time when we were kids–it was totally warranted, though. She was the biggest, whiny, pain in the butt. I’m glad she grew out of that. She’s probably glad I don’t sit on her anymore. I used to pin her to the ground until she screamed for Josh to come save her. *chuckles* Good times.

SYDNEY: You seem like such a good guy and a good brother and a good friend, what kind of boyfriend are you?
CAMERON: Umm… I’m not sure how to answer that. I mean, I think I can show a lady a good time, but I don’t have a ton of experience with long-term relationships. For one thing, women are confusing. I’ve had some girlfriends who really enjoyed messing with my head. One minute a woman says she likes something, the next she hates it. How is a dude supposed to know what to do?

Anyway, I’ve never been in a really, super-serious relationship. I’ve dated around, but at a certain point the… I don’t know… interest… wears off. I guess what I’m trying to say is, there hasn’t been that spark in the past–that magic feeling that draws you to a person.

I guess that kinda goes back to your question about… you know… her. That spark was instant. It was like some type of kinetic energy or whatever when we first met. And then hanging out with her… it just kept growing, like this flame or something.

*cringes* Aww, geez, that sounds so lame, like I should be writing lyrics to one of Josh’s sappy tunes. Seriously, scratch that part. Jade’s cool. That’s what I meant. She’s a cool girl.

SYDNEY: Thanks for being so honest, Cam. I appreciate the time and if you don’t mind me saying, any girl would be lucky to be with you.