Here’s How to Get an ARC of OUTSIDER (Flawed #2) #NA #paranormal

I’m gearing up for the release of my next novel, Outsider (Flawed, #2), and in anticipation for that, I thought I’d put together a fun giveaway for my readers. Many have enjoyed and reviewed Empath (Flawed, #1), so this treat is especially for you guys! If you haven’t read it yet, keep reading to find out how you can get a free copy of Empath.

Win an ARC of Outsider

Outsider_CVR_SMLOutsider will come out in the fall of this year (2014), but if you enter the giveaway below, you get a chance at an ARC. What’s an ARC? It’s the advanced reading copy – in other words, you can get your hands on the book before it’s released for sale to the public! ARCs are usually reserved for reviewers, but this time I’ll be randomly giving away 25 copies. You’re not obligated to review it, though if you did I’d be eternally grateful. 🙂

How can you get in on the giveaway? I’m glad you asked!


1. You are eligible to enter the giveaway below if you have reviewed Empath (Flawed #1) on both Amazon AND Goodreads. This is mandatory because this giveaway is all about showing the love to my awesome reviewers! Let’s face it, you guys rock. (Think you reviewed it a while back? Please go to both sites and make sure you can find your review. It’s frequent that readers forget to post their reviews.)

2. You must be subscribed to my author newsletter. Subscribe on the right sidebar of the screen or click here.

That’s it!

Get a Free Copy of Empath

Empath eBook cover SMIf you haven’t yet read/reviewed Empath (Flawed, #1) yet, here’s the deal. I will give you a free copy of the book (ebook version of choice) in exchange for your honest review. Once your review is posted to Amazon and Goodreads, you’ll be eligible to enter the giveaway below. That way no one’s excluded. Your reviews must be posted by the time the giveaway ends (Midnight EST on September 30th, 2014). That gives you three weeks to read it.

Email me at and I will send you the eBook of Empath (please include whether you prefer the mobi/Kindle file or the ePub version).

Good luck on the giveaway, and thanks for being awesome!

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Flawed is a New Adult Paranormal Thriller series about people with superhuman weaknesses. Read on for more about the books I’ve released thus far.

Empath eBook cover SM

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