Unveiling an Exciting New Short

November was a busy month and December isn’t slowing down any. Besides my NaNoWriMo project, I’ve been cooking up other delicious things. And finally I get to share my latest project with you!

The Sub-Normal Series

Sub-Normal is a New Adult Science Fiction series that takes place in a world where super powers are standard. Periodically I will be releasing more shorts about Eden and Dake in their struggle to keep hidden from the authorities and stay alive.

The first story in the Sub-Normal series is Not the Norm. If you haven’t read it yet, you can pick it up today for FREE on Amazon (free promo ends at midnight on Wednesday, Dec. 12th).

Unmasked Alloy

Here’s a little about Unmasked Alloy, the newest Sub-Normal short story, second in the series.

Genetically enhanced humans populate earth. Flaws are prohibited. Refusing to be altered means death—unless you can successfully evade capture.

Dake is one of these sub-norms on the run, and Eden’s status as a malfunctioning GenEn isn’t much better.

When Eden flees with Dake, their spree as fugitives is all too brief. Captured and thrown into a government holding facility where the only likely outcome is execution, the pair seeks help from an unlikely and untrustworthy ally.

In this second installment of the Sub-Normal series, trust and justice mix it up with the hyper-powered.

To purchase a copy of this short story for your Kindle, click here.

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