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 Treason Release

I am pleased to be a part of the blog tour for Treason by S.M. Boyce. Treason is the second book in the Grimoire Trilogy, a bestselling young adult fantasy series that is quickly growing in popularity. I just finished reading Lichgates, the first book in the series. Read on for my review. Also, Boyce is having a whopping giveaway during the blog tour, so make sure you read to the bottom and follow the link for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Lichgates Review

From the first few pages into this story, it was obvious Boyce has a way with words. As a writer myself, I found myself admiring the way she used words to paint images and emotions. She has an amazing imagination, which comes out in the variety of the many worlds in the story and the depth of each species with its unique characteristics. The fantastical creatures were fascinating, each with an individual charm.

All that said, there were a few things I didn’t love about the story. I struggled to follow the plot throughout the book. It often felt choppy as if merely hopping from one scene to another without a clear focus. I wished there had been more of a driving force propelling the story, but instead it felt slow when Kara wasn’t sure what to do next or when she seemed to be waiting for something to happen. Also, I feel that the richness and variety of landscapes, species, and creatures may have actually hindered the story, a little like eating a cake with too much icing so that you can’t taste the flavors beneath it. With so many elaborate ideas put together, I found myself confused more than once, sometimes when trying to keep all the places and people straight and other times just trying to follow the story. Often less is more, and I feel the pace would have been better if the story were simpler.

Boyce does well with characters and I especially enjoyed Kara and Braeden. They were dimensional and I liked both of them. My only complaint was a couple of times when the emotions between them felt contrived rather than authentic. This wasn’t the case throughout the entire book, though, and it wasn’t enough of a problem to ruin my experience.

I would recommend this story to most fantasy readers, but those who aren’t as comfortable with the genre may find the amount of new worlds and beings to remember a little overwhelming.


Boyce is giving away some awesome prizes to celebrate the release of Treason including: 3 autographed paperback sets of Lichgates & Treason, 3 clover pendants, 7 teardrop pendants, 3 journal and pen sets, and a $25 gift card to either Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Apple. TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY, CLICK HERE.

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