Like YA, Fantasy, or Sci Fi? Grab These FREE Books!

Besides the arrival of Halloween, this week is noteworthy for other reasons as well. Three excellent ebooks are going up for a FREE promo and you will most definitely want to pick them up while you can. One is my short story and the others are novels by my fellow authors in the Elder Tree Books collective. I’ve read both and I highly recommend them. These books will be free for TWO DAYS ONLY (with the exception of Island of Fog which will be free Oct. 29th – Oct. 31st).

On October 30th and October 31st, head over to Amazon and swipe a copy of each of these stories. Tell everyone you know because the more downloads we get the better exposure you’ll be giving these indie authors. Read on for more info on each book and direct links to download your copy.

Not the Norm

Becca J. Campbell

(Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction)

Eden has a dangerous secret.

In a world where GenEns (enhanced humans) are the norm, her own ability is flawed. If anyone found out about the glitch in her genetic code, she’d be deemed a sub-norm, as one unfit to exist in the human race. Her certain fate would be extermination.

She always thought keeping her defect secret was her biggest struggle. That concern vanishes when her life is put in danger. Suddenly, fighting back is her only option, and she’s completely unprepared.

Her only chance for survival is by wielding her damaged power. But fear and painful memories threaten to hold her back. What will happen to her if she unleashes the terror within?

A Sub-Normal short story. Approximately 6500 words.

“Becca J. Campbell has a knack for human connection and a driving interest in the individual flaws that do so much to define characters. As an author, she loves exploring these utterly mundane aspects of the human condition in fantastically imaginative environments.” – Aaron Pogue

“I loved this story. Campbell has succeeded again in populating her world with characters that I care about. I have read a lot of really bad writing recently, so it was with great pleasure that I read this story and was swept up in Eden’s story.” – Jason Sharp

Download Not the Norm for Free!


Flight of Blue

A.E. Howard

(Middle Grade Fantasy, or all those who love a good Fantasy story)

A cursed traffic light. A rip in the fabric of the world. A possum sorcerer injured on a quest for revenge.

Kai and Ellie embark on a journey to return the sorcerer to his home. Entangled in events that could destroy the world, Kai must choose whether to accept the role he was born to play, but isn’t sure he wants.






“Great adult reading in the tradition of Madeleine L’Engle and her A Wrinkle in Time series and Austin Family Chronicles.” –Elizabeth Munzert

“Flight of Blue transcends my usual reading experience…” –Julie Jordan Scott

There was something so magical about it…” –V. Cano


Download Flight of Blue for Free!


Island of Fog

Keith Robinson

(Middle Grade Fantasy, or all those who love a good Fantasy story)

A lonely, foggy island is home to eight families. Twelve-year-old Hal and his friends have always wondered what happened all those years ago on the mainland, that unseen place Out There beyond the fog, and after an astonishing discovery in the woods the children are more determined than ever to find out what their parents are hiding. But their lives are turned upside down when Abigail reveals her closely guarded secret. According to her, the children are slowly changing into monsters! Are they freaks of nature, or subjects of a sinister experiment?

Each child reacts differently to his or her unique monstrous transformation; after all, one may feel proud to be a dragon, faerie, or centaur, but who in their right mind wants to be a sadistic manticore or cowardly harpy?

ISLAND OF FOG is a story of intrigue and conspiracy. The reader follows Hal Franklin as he struggles to accept that he and his friends are something more than ordinary children, and that their parents have been covering up the truth the whole time. With their trust shaken and the unexpected arrival of a strange woman from Out There, the children hide their frightening shapeshifting abilities and pretend nothing is wrong.


“I love it! The story is interesting throughout, and builds nicely to a reasonable explanation for all mysteries. Congratulations on a fine juvenile novel.” –Piers Anthony’s July 2009 Newsletter

“This is a well written sci-fi novel. There is that ‘it could happen’ quality that you find in Dean Koontz novels. The suspense works and doesn’t frustrate the reader. It makes you want to read the next installment!” –Writer’s Digest


Download Island of Fog for Free!


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