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I’ve been busy lately, which has kept me from spending as much time on the site as normal. So instead of talking about inspiration, I’m  breaking away from the norm. Consider this an update on my projects and a notice of upcoming posts. Three things, mainly, have been stealing my time and attention.

Outcast (working title)

I’ve regained momentum on this project, the second book in the Flawed series. It’s the story of Josh Schuyler, an introverted musician searching for his own purpose after seeing supernatural abilities blossom in friends and members of his family.

I hit 50,000 words in November and put it down for a while. Currently word count is at 56,671 and counting. I’m adding chapters and scenes as I go. The thing I’ve really been focusing on is character motivation, keeping Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in mind as I go along. I may do a post more in depth on this at some point – stay tuned! The other thing I’ve been doing lately, as I read Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages of Children (in my free time) is analyzing characters’ love languages to determine motivation. That book and its predecessor, The Five Love Languages, deserve a post on Inspiration for Creation at some point in the near future.

Showdown by Ted Dekker

This book has been sucking my brain for the last few days. In a good way. I typically devour a Dekker book in a matter of two or three days, and this one is no different. It’s the story of what happens when some teen writers acquire special blank books that hold the power of turning words into reality. When the kids pour out a story based on real people and places onto the pages of the books, they directly affect the fate of an entire town. The book deals with the idea of humans as creators versus the Divine Creator. Good against evil is a constant theme.

I enjoy getting sucked into a good book every now and then. As a writer, it’s my way of replenishing the well. I have to nourish my creative side before I can be successful at producing anything. I write best when I’ve been satisfied by a good book.

Colors of Deception cover design

My good friend Courtney Cantrell is publishing her first novel next month and I get the honor of being a part of the process. It’s my job to help coordinate between the author, publisher, photographer and graphic designer to help make sure we have a spectacular cover. From the talents I’ve seen at work thus far, I have high hopes for the project. (To find out who all those awesome people are, check out

I’ve read the book, the first in her Demons of Saltmarch series, and I can’t wait to talk about my take on it. I’ll be focusing on one particular aspect that I found highly original…and witty. The cover art is all hush hush right now, but very soon we’ll be unveiling the final product. So keep checking back here – and be sure to subscribe for email updates!


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  • Thanks for the mention, Becca! I can’t wait to read your take on Colors — especially since I think I know which aspect of the book you’re going to focus on. 😉

    I’ve thought about considering consciously The Five Love Languages as I work through character motivations. We should definitely discuss!

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