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The Bo(d)y Next Door

The Body Next Door

All single girl Alison Brown really needs is to spend a week on the beach with her best friend, Frankie.

But instead of margaritas and sunscreen, she gets a murder next door and death threats.

Now, she’s involved in a police investigation while trying to save her own neck and get the heck out of Dodge. And to top it all off, the hot new neighbor, Poindexter “Dex” Jones, is determined to keep her safe and maybe get her into bed.

The question is, what’s more dangerous: the killer or Dex trying to steal her heart?

What People Are Saying about The Bo(d)y Next Door

Combining murder and trauma with a sudden and rapidly moving love affair, author Denise Malone provides readers’ with an intimate and caring budding relationship between Dex and Al, while simultaneously having their courtship interrupted with threats upon Al’s life and the additional dilemma of trying to solve the murder of her neighbor.

Themes about friendship, trust, and the difference between love and sex, are woven throughout The Boy/body Next Door. Bonds of long-lasting ties and support between the characters and their friends and families, are skillfully displayed from the opening pages and remain strong throughout the story. There is no doubt that each and every primary character in this tale would literally die to protect the other.

Ms. Malone has crafted a romantic murder mystery, whose heroine is intelligent, beautiful and strong – always a winning combination.

Review by Gabriel Constans, originally posted on Here, There and Everywhere.

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