Get to Know Jax (Character Interview)

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Before you do that, though, I’ve got something special here as well. Today I’m featuring an interview with one of my characters, Jax from Foreign Identity. Tomorrow I’ll have a second character interview, this time with Kel. Make sure to come back for that. After you read the interview with Jax, scroll down to enter a giveaway for a free copy of one of my books.

Character Interview

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As the author of Foreign Identity, I have the advantage of being able to materialize in and out of my story at will. This gave me the unique opportunity to speak with a couple of my characters and find out how they felt about their dire circumstances.

Deep in the heart of a cold building runs a labyrinth of corridors. It was in one of these halls that I stumbled upon two people, known to each other only as “Jax” and “Kel.” They were wandering, seemingly lost, but  I managed to snag a few minutes with Jax to find out a little more about what is going on in this strange place.

Me: So you just made it out of a prison of sorts. What was your reaction to waking up trapped like that?

Jax (runs hands through his hair): Waking up in chains was a shock, that’s for sure. But once I came to, I pushed aside my confusion and focused on the problem. It seemed to be a puzzle, sorta like everything else in this place. After that, it was just putting the pieces together.

Me: Your problem-solving skills must be excellent. How does it feel to have escaped that room?

Jax:  At first I was relieved we’d found a way out. But now I’m not so sure. Maybe that was all part of the plan… I keep wondering if maybe we were safer in that cell.

Me: That’s quite a statement. What do you make of this place? You’ve found what appear to be other puzzles as well. What do you think the significance of it all might be?

Jax: No idea yet. But I’ll tell you one thing. The more rooms we find, the more sure I am there’s something going on here. And it can’t be good. I’m guessing we were meant for more than to be prisoners—but what? And where’s our captor? There’s definitely something strange behind this place. It creeps me out.

Me: What can you tell me about Kel, the woman you were imprisoned with?

Jax: (Eyes shift over to where she’s standing, out of hearing range.) I don’t think I totally get her yet. She seems nice and all, but I can tell she’s holding something back. I guess we both are. It’s hard to know what to make of our situation and how to act around each other.

Me: It seems a bit odd that you both have amnesia. You can’t remember your past, but have you seen any clues about yourself since you woke up here? Any guesses about what sort of life you might have had before you lost your memory?

Jax (shrugs): I guess I’m pretty logical. Figuring out the puzzle with our chains. So maybe some profession involving math—or construction. I sorta have a photographic memory—I can memorize floorplans in my head.

Me: It must be nice to have a gift like that.

Jax: I guess. It’s just…weird. I mean, it feels totally normal to me, but it seemed to freak Kel out a little when she found out.

Me: Kel is the only one in your entire world right now. What’s it like to have no memories of anyone else?

Jax (Takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly.): Well, it’s kinda trippy.  I feel like I should know other people, I even remember what kids are, though I can’t remember a specific person. I guess if I have to be here with anyone, I’m glad it’s Kel. She’s pretty good company. (He glances at her again and then his voice lowers.) You want to know the weirdest part of it? I feel this strange connection to her. I don’t know… Just like there’s a reason we’re here together.

Me: Is there any…physical attraction between you?

Jax: (Reddens slightly.) Maybe.  I’m a guy, I notice women—that’s normal, right? Can’t really help but be aware of each other, what with us both being prisoners and all. (Clears his throat.) I mean, she’s not bad to look at, either.

Me: You’ve been searching the corridors. What’s your plan from here on out?

Jax: Getting out of here. Getting home—wherever that is. Hopefully we can both figure out who we are in the process, maybe find a way to get our memories back. If we can’t…well, we’ll deal with that when the time comes. First step is finding a way out. If it’s possible, I’ll find it. I’m not quitting until I have the answer.

Me: Thanks for taking time to chat and good luck!

Jax didn’t seem too happy at my abrupt and somewhat flippant exit, but I’m sure he’ll be able to figure out the mysteries behind the place sooner or later. Make sure to come back tomorrow for my interview with Kel.

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  • Great character interview and I enjoyed reading your intereview with M. Pax. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway- your book sounds very intriguing and I am curious to see how they will escape. Thanks for sharing.

  • After reading through the interview, I am very excited to get my hands on this book! I’m always looking for plots that are not repeated over and over again, and I think this falls into that category. Great idea (and awesome interview too).

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