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For the first time ever, Empath (Flawed #1) is available for FREE.

Why am I giving away a book that took four years to birth and so many long hours to write, rewrite, revise, and revise again, not to mention the expense of professional editing and cover art? Because I want you to enjoy it as much as I have.

Empath is a New Adult (college age) blend of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Thriller.

More about Empath (Flawed #1)

Empath eBook cover WEBSupernatural empathy isn’t a gift, it’s a curse. Anywhere she goes, Jade’s emotions are replaced by those of the people around her.

Jade grew up in a suburb of Colorado Springs, protected from other people by her parents. Now she faces college—and the world—with nothing to shield her from unwanted feelings.

When Cam, a classmate with a major crush on her, unintentionally hijacks her emotions, Jade struggles to keep from being carried away in feelings of attraction. When Ethan, a psychopath with a thirst for fear, fixates on her, the emotional impact could be lethal.

Caught in a deadly trap, Jade must untangle the emotions and find a way to use her empathic curse to overcome this killer or be overcome by him.

Empath is now FREE on most sales channels:

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If you enjoyed Empath and would like to meet other individuals who battle with their own unique, super-human weaknesses, check out the other titles in my Flawed series.

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