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Today my good friend Anna Howard’s debut YA fantasy novel goes live. That’s right, you can now purchase a copy of Flight of Blue (book one in the Keeper of the Keys Chronicles) for your own. Better yet, check out the giveaway at the end of this post for your chance at a free copy! Here’s the description of the book:

A cursed traffic light. A rip in the fabric of the world. A possum sorcerer injured on a quest for revenge.

Kai and Ellie embark on a journey to return the sorcerer to his home. Entangled in events that could destroy the world, Kai must choose whether to accept the role he was born to play, but isn’t sure he wants.

Today Anna is giving us a little sneak peek into her world of magic Opossums. Check out this snippet and her thoughts behind using talking Opossums as characters in the novel.

Kai was closest to him and so he knelt down to see if the Opossum was actually dead. As Kai leaned over him, Reginald opened one eye and whispered, “Is the coast clear, young friend?”

Kai let out the breath he’d been holding. “Reginald! You…” Suddenly it struck him and he burst out laughing.

“What is it?” Ellie sounded confused.

“He was, get this… playing possum!”  Kai couldn’t stop laughing.

Reginald rolled himself over stiffly. “I do not know what you find so amusing, that little trick has ensured the survival of my folk for millennia.”

A. E. Howard

Even though I wrote Opossums who could talk, and walk upright when they chose. And even though some of them are powerful sorcerers, my Opossums still hang from their tails, go barefoot to use their opposable thumbs on their back feet, and play possum. To me, the magic is in the details that keep the animal, anthropomorphized as it may be, still very much the original animal that inspired the character. And so, when startled by a shocking event just before this scene, Reginald plays possum.




To check out the rest of the blogs in the launch party and read more sneak peeks from the book, go here: Launch Party Central Post on A.E. Howard’s Blog. You can buy Flight of Blue in paperback or as an eBook. Don’t forget to scroll down to enter the giveaway before you leave!


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