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909406_83318260-2-1-300x213Congratulations to Fel Wetzig of The Peasants Revolt on her first successful year blogging! This blog hop is in honor and celebration of that achievement.

Prizes? What prizes?

Fel is running a giveaway with some sweet prizes. You could win $20 in gift cards to Amazon and a slew of books! Here’s the full list of prizes:

  • $10 Amazon gift card
  • $10 Amazon gift card donated by Courtney Young Worth
  • eBook of Foreign Identity by Becca Campbell
  • 2 eBooks from the Sub-Normal Series by Becca Campbell
  • eBook of Ocean Kills by Jade Hart
  • Return of the Crown by Millie Burns
  • eBook of Night Sighs by Emma Meade
  • eBook of The Awakening & Other Stories by Emma Meade
  • eBook of One Ghost Per Serving by Nina Post
  • eBook of The Last Donut Shop of the Apocalypse by Nina Post

Check out her blogoversary post and enter to win!

Looking Back

As Fel commemorates her first year blogging, she is asking the participants of the blog hop to consider what we were doing a year ago, in January of 2012. What projects were we working on, what things had our attention? I searched the archives of my blog and found a couple of meaningful posts. One talked about the Why behind being a writer, considering the reasons for doing what I do.

The other was a look at balance in my daily struggle to be the perfect parent and yet also dedicate large amounts of time to my creative side. More than any other question, I’m asked how I do everything that I do. Everyone wants to know my secret. The truth is that I’m no more of a super hero than anyone else, but there are a few revelations that make it all easier.

This post is as applicable today as it was a year ago, not only to those who are struggling to find that perfect balance between work and family, but also to myself. I’m still walking the tight rope, though it seems to get a little easier, the farther I go.

Without further ado, here is that post.

The Secret of Success: Being a Parent AND an Artist

Photo credit: AEM Photography

Photo credit: AEM Photography


I often get asked, “How do you do it? How do you manage to write novels and have time for all those creative projects when you’re a homeschooling mom of three?” The answer is complicated and multi-faceted. In fact, at first glance I’m not sure I fully know how to answer that question. But I’m going to try to tackle it.

Stated simply, it’s not easy. I’m not some wonder of the universe whose super-power is lengthening days. I don’t have a time turner. Most days I feel like I’m just scraping by. Not mother of the year, not a creative genius. Just a chick living a whirlwind life, full of tantalizing opportunities for which I never seem to have enough time.

The How and the Why

I’ve let this question, along with my own response simmer in my mind for a long while now. In fact, the more I consider it, the more I think the answer to how I stay sane is: I don’t. I’m likely a little bit insane. I can’t handle everything. Sometimes my projects get pushed back because of family things. Sometimes I’m tempted to get bitter about that. Sometimes I yell at my kids. Sometimes I turn around and watch them grow in hyper-speed and wish I could steal more moments with them and impart more things to them before they evolve to the next level of childhood.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’ve chosen this life because two things are highly important to me: utilizing my creative gifts and raising a family that can impact the world for the better. I’m not willing to sacrifice either of them. And when I analyze the whys (Why am I here? Why am I doing this?) I can only end up with one rationale. This is my destiny.

Keep reading to find out my secret. Click here to read the rest of the post.

And don’t forget to visit Fel’s blog, wish her a hearty congratulations and enter the giveaway!

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