Author Spotlight: Jessie Sanders

If you’ve frequented my blog much, you know that I have a thing for superpowers in fiction. Which is why I wanted to share this book with you. Jessie Sanders is a friend of mine and fellow member of The Consortium. Into the Flames is her debut young adult urban fantasy novel. If you like X-Men or stories that take place at boarding schools, you’ll be totally into this one.

Here’s a little about the story:

Rahab Carmichael has never fit in. Part of it is due to her quiet nature but the bigger issue is that she’s trying to hide her secret ability. When she gets transferred to a new boarding school, she decides it is her chance to start fresh and change who she is–or try to, anyway.

Rahab does finally start to make friends, but their behavior seems a little odd. Is there a deeper connection between her and these strange kids? She wants to find out but isn’t sure if she wants to risk her own secret being discovered. And topping off that concern is all the unwanted male attention she’s been getting lately–boys are either flirting with or making fun of her, neither of which she wants.

Rahab has an intense (and almost obsessive) fear of fire. Just being around someone who is using a lighter nearly paralyzes her. But when her friends are in trouble, she has to make a decision – one that involves facing her worst fears.

This book may at first seem like a straightforward story about a new girl trying to fit in, but hold on for the ride, because things really get rolling when Rahab finds out just how many other peculiar students there are at her school.

What are your favorite stories involving people with superpowers? What are the best urban fantasy books you’ve read?

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