The Cure for Creative Dysfunction

I love creating. I was born to create; I was put on this earth for that purpose (among others). I love hanging around others who are creative, letting the overflow of creative juices seep into my mind just by osmosis. This business of creating fills most of my waking thoughts, in some form or another.

Creative Dysfunction

I (possibly too often) am caught passionately raving about my latest artistic endeavor. Every now and then, the recipient is someone who feels less than excited to talk about right-brained subjects. Instead of enthusiasm, I’m met with a sigh and a lament. I hear it all the time, “I’m not talented when it comes to creative things.” “I just don’t have good ideas.” “I’m not crafty.” And other various reactions complaining that creativity is not for everyone.

In the past when I I’d gotten those responses, I always just shrugged my shoulders and silently thanked God that I wasn’t affected in that manner. I never knew what the right answer was – denial or encouragement? I just accepted the idea that maybe some people aren’t creative. End of story.

But lately, I’ve been wondering if that’s a false statement. If you’re one who doesn’t consider yourself creative, hear me out. I think that might be a lie.

The Image of the Creator

As humans, we were made in the image of the Creator. We were given minds that work intricately in ways we’ll never fully understand. Every cranium has a right and left side – and the capacity to use both (except for maybe the mentally ill, and I’m not dismissing them so quickly, either).

Maybe you don’t like to paint or draw, or you aren’t musical. That doesn’t mean you aren’t creative. Have you ever customized a recipe? Have you ever criticized the way something was designed, thinking there might be a better way? Have you ever participated in an impromptu debate? Have you ever tried a different way of doing an every-day task?  Have you ever solved a problem? Each of these involves creative thought.

Creative Potential

I read a great article that made me stop and consider the social definitions for “creative” and “artistic.” The problem is, when you’re too quick to dismiss your creative ability as nonexistent, you’re limiting yourself. It’s okay to not have an interest in what society traditionally labels “the arts.” But don’t doubt your own potential. You can be imaginative. You can be original. You can be resourceful. You can be innovative. The voice telling you that you can’t is a big fat liar. It’s a type of Resistance you need to guard against. If you believe the lies, they will become truths.

You have the potential to be creative. Believe it.

5 thoughts on “The Cure for Creative Dysfunction

  • Becca, I find this incredibly empowering. Of course, I already believe in everything you’re saying — but still! I remember very clearly a time in which I, too, thought creativity was delegated to a select few. And, as you know, I questioned whether or not I would always be one of those. I suspected it would be taken away from me.

    Thank God (literally!) I don’t believe that anymore! I’ll actually be blogging about this soon…but the short of it is that I realized: (1) I am created to create, and (2) we *all* have some form of creativity designed into us!

    We are, indeed, made in the image of the Creator…and the first thing we learn about him is that in the beginning, he *created.* He has this insatiable drive to make things…and I think he put a spark of that into each of us.

  • Thank you for this cause I’m one of your friends that tells herself I lack the creative skills that i adore in so many of my friends. I like to surround myself w unique, creative people in the hopes that the saying, “you are, what you surround yourself with,” comes true.

    • Steph,

      You definitely have some creativity in you. I’ve seen things you’ve made, so I know it’s there. Heck, you dare to paint bold colors on your walls — that alone is proof enough! 😉

      I think sometimes the problem isn’t a lack of creativity as much as the pressure to measure up to others. Even if they are friends, remember that everyone is unique and just because you don’t do the same things as others doesn’t mean you aren’t creative. Keep pluggin’ away!

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