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Born to Create

Unquestionably, I know that I was made to create. It’s my purpose in life. My journey here on earth is not about figuring out what I’m supposed to do but what I’m supposed to create.

In a way, my journey is a series of experiments. I crave things that are original. I love undertaking a new project (the word itself sends tingles of anticipation down my spine).

Are you like me – driven with an unquenchable urge to birth something new into the world that’s never existed before? Not everyone is – I know that, and that’s okay. But for some of us, it’s the thing that keeps us getting out of bed day after day. It’s what propels us forward. Without it, we’d be stuck in the muck of depression. Some of us were born to create.

Inspiration, Motivation and Mediocrity

But what about when you have that urge – that driving desire – and your mind is blank? You sit down to create and nothing comes out. Writers call it writer’s block, but it goes further than the written word. I call it creative block.

Worse still is when you’ve been crushed somehow – either by negativity from others, discouragement with yourself or pressure from outside forces – and the motivation is gone. The desire to create has been covered with the debris of life, leaving you to wonder what the point of it all is, anyway.

And sometimes the process isn’t the problem, but you aren’t satisfied with the product. You look up from your computer, your canvas, your instrument and realize that it’s already been done a thousand times before and probably by someone more talented than you. You want to think outside the box, but don’t know how.

A Jumpstart for Creativity

When I feel like that, I need a jumpstart. Something to inspire me, trigger motivation and push me beyond the limits. This blog is my outlet for finding that inspiration – and hopefully yours as well.

I’ll be looking in a variety of places – books, movies, music, art, other creative people and even within myself. I’ll also be searching for ways to force myself out of the box and experimenting with techniques for pushing the envelope.

I hope that on this quest to satisfy my hunger for inspiration, you can join me and find nourishment for your own creative soul.

Onward with the adventure!

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