Beyond the Norm with Legos

Our finished product from the Great Oklahoma City Build Competition.

Lego Love

I’ve always been enamored by Lego building blocks. As a child I spent countless hours making creations out of my huge collection, never building the same thing twice. There was something about the limitless possibilities of that flat green dot-covered square and its brightly colored, multi-shaped brothers. They beckoned me to create and provided me with the only tools I needed.


I carried the fondness for those building blocks into adulthood, supplying my own children with Legos in secret hopes that I would get a chance to relive my childhood. And when I was presented with the opportunity to enter a Lego building competition (with other adult professionals), I eagerly accepted. The team simpLEGOodness was formed (the name, coined by my friend Aubree, is the answer to the question, “What are Legos?”), sponsored by the architecture firm where I was employed. Long story short, we were challenged to build The Oklahoman building in Lego scale and ended up winning second place in the competition.

But most importantly, it was a blast.

Lego Décor

So when I saw the link to this article show up on my Facebook news feed, my inner child freaked out a little. It stars a child’s room, designed to spur creation. One ingenious dad was inspired to give his kids the blank canvas for creation by covering their bedroom walls in classic green Lego boards instead of wallpaper.

I love this idea because it’s an example of taking a concept you treasure one step farther. Plus, what better way to foster creativity in your children? What a great way to break out of the box.

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